Christkindl Markt with Gluhwein

Boozn Sam's Glow is a thoughtfully crafted glühwein (mulled spiced wine) kit, that was developed over a decade of selfless and dedicated research at Christmas markets all over the world. Nothing but the best ingredients, hand selected, form the eye rollin', out of this world glühwein experiences only BOOZN SAM'S provides. You might even crave the cigarette after. Oh, and while we're there, at the very least, tell us your name first before you put your lips on us.

Collection: Sam's Glow Mulling Spice

Bring the party home with microwave ready, BUT homemade quality mulling spice. Our spice bags are jammed packed with 3x the normal amount of spices bring an irresistible, delicious drink to your table. 

With endless recipe options, you'll find something for everyone. Heat with wine to make gluhwein or rum for a hot toddy. Dump in fruit punch, tea or cider for a non alcoholic version. Try it with an old fashioned. In cookies or cake. The versatility is endless and right out of the tin!

Finally, custom, bartender style enhancements bring the bar to your home. Your friends will be impressed. Your nights will be warmer. Your smile bigger.