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Sam’s Sunburn

Sam’s Sunburn

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A limited edition, seasonal release featuring dried chili peppers. This sangria features citrus flavors predominant in Portuguese sangria with a Boozn Sam’s spicy, smoky twist. Makes up to 3 bottles of sangria or iced tea. Includes drop and go, easy to use spice bags and dried chili peppers to create a smoky, spicy, irresistible drink.


Chili pepper soaking with a heat as fiery as the burning sun in a bath of sweet lime. This irresistible, sassy sipper will have you red in the face in no time. 


  • Vacuum sealed for optimal freshness
  • 6 biodegradable, plastic free, unbleached plant fiber spice bags
  • 6 bartender style embellishments
  • Makes 3 - 750 ml wine bottles worth of sangria so you've got plenty to share
  • Sober curious? Make it with NA wine, fruit punch, or iced tea.


Spicy, Smoky, Citrus

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  • Reusable, sustainable materials

  • Infuses 3 bottles of wine

  • High quality ingredients

  • Small business, USA made

What is Sangria?

Fruit and tropical flavors like orange, peach, pineapple, watermelon, and more are infused with wine and put over ice. A non alcoholic version can be made with iced tea. The addition of these spices makes Sangria the perfect drink for pool parties, sunny days, and beaches.

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  • What is Sangria?

    Sangria is iced wine infused with fruits, citrus flavors, and spices. These flavors include, to name a few, orange, peach, watermelon and strawberry.

  • Can you make it without alcohol?

    You sure can! Instead of adding sweet red wine, you can combine an infusion kit with grape juice or iced tea.

  • How healthy is Sangria?

    Traditional Sangria is made with a ton of sugar, or sugar heavy wine/fruit juice. Sunny Sam uses minimal sugar and we've found other ways to enhance the flavor.

  • Are you Organic?

    We've opted for organic ingredients where we could and are currently working on sourcing all organic ingredients.

  • How should I use it?

    Sunny Sam is a ready to drink beverage. Add one spice bag to 12 ounces of wine or a non alcoholic beverage. Drop in some ice, add an included embellishment and serve.

  • Where is it made?

    Our company is based in Wisconsin, USA. Our blending and production takes place in South Carolina. Ingredients are carefully sourced from around the world and based on quality standards. We ship from our Wisconsin warehouse straight to you.