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Sam's Glow Orange Mulling Spice

Sam's Glow Orange Mulling Spice

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Sam's Glow Orange blends traditional German Gluhwein with an elevated cocktail feel.  Microwave ready, but homemade quality, spice kit includes easy to use spice bags, candied oranges, and cocktail skewers to create fun, fruity cups of mulled wine or cider.


Golden glow on Cali orange sits on a throne of fruity decadence that’ll drench you in royalty. Tilt that crown, we’ll bend a knee, cheers to you and me.


  • Vacuum sealed for optimal freshness
  • 6 biodegradable, plastic free, unbleached plant fiber spice bags
  • 6 bartender style embellishments 
  • Endless drink and food options on our recipe page
  • Sober curious? Make it with NA wine, cider or fruit juice.


Fruity, juicy, complex


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  • Reusable, sustainable materials

  • Infuses 3 bottles of wine

  • High quality ingredients

  • Small business, USA made

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What is Glühwein?

Drink Recipes

Wine is simmered with cinnamon sticks, cloves, citrus peel, cardamom pods and sugar. The addition of these warming spices makes gluhwein the perfect drink for chilly winter evenings...

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Amazing Flavor

As a non-alcohol drinker I was hesitant to try a product geared towards wine. But oh wow, this added a whole new flavor punch to apple cider and even works as a stand alone tea bag if you wanted some flavor to your water. I cannot wait to try all of the varieties!


I really like it! It gives the drink a pleasant spiced and comforting flavor in addition to what’s already there. It doesn’t overshadow the drink either but enhances the flavor. I’m not actually a huge fan of cider either, but I couldn’t stop drinking it after we added your mix to it.

New Favorite!

It’s the perfect blend of a mulling spice mix and the candied orange slice with pretty metal spike made it special. Our family tried the orange Glow in red wine and also in apple cider. We even used one a second time after the apple cider in black tea and my daughter called it divine and I loved it too! Can’t wait to use it as a stocking stuffer!

  • What is Glühwein?

    Glühwein (pronounced glue – vine), mulled wine, mulled spiced wine, or Glogg are all variations on the same theme – heated wine seasoned with sweet and aromatic spices. These spices include, to name a few, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, orange, and allspice.

  • Can you make it without alcohol?

    You sure can! Instead of adding sweet red wine, you can combine an infusion kit with grape juice, apple cider, and even black tea.

  • Is Glühwein the same as mulled wine?

    Yes, Glühwein means “Glow Wine” in German. Call it Glühwein, mulled wine, or Glogg. You’re speaking the same language. 

  • How healthy is Glühwein?

    Traditional Glühwein is made with a ton of sugar, or sugar heavy wine/fruit juice. Sam's Glow uses minimal sugar and we've found other ways to enhance the flavor.

  • Are you Organic?

    We've opted for organic ingredients where we could and are currently working on sourcing all organic ingredients.

  • How should I use it?

    Sam's Glow is a ready to drink beverage. Add one spice bag to 12 ounces of wine or a non alcoholic beverage. Heat in the microwave, add an included embellishment and serve.

  • Where is it made?

    Our company is based in Wisconsin, USA. Our blending and production takes place in South Carolina. Ingredients are carefully sourced from around the world and based on quality standards. We ship from our Wisconsin warehouse straight to you.