How to Make Sangria

How do you make $10 wine taste like a $100 bottle?  

Good drinks should be accessible. We believe in drinking as an experience, moments, to be enjoyed with others, that fill your soul. The more the merrier. Price shouldn't be a factor in also having a quality experience.

That's why all Boozn Sam's infusion kits were designed to be paired with cheap wine. They taste best that way. It took Sam not only a complete lack of orientation, aim, and ambition but also a quarter of a century of intensive research on the sunniest sand beaches of California, Portugal, Spain, and Australia to formulate the perfect mix to relax smugly with cheap wine. But, he got there.

Sam’s groundbreaking research in the matter cumulated in Sunny Sam Sangria, appreciated at beach and pool parties around the world. Follow the directions below to appreciate your own little slice of paradise too.  

Buy Cheap Wine & Drink Like a King

Boozn Sam's infusion kits pair perfect with sweet red or white wine. The unique, and strong, combination of spices and ingredients infuses a ton of flavor into your wine. We designed the kits with careful attention to detail, and here are the perfect boxed wines to pair with your Sangria:


Franzia Chillable Red Boxed Wine

Peter Vella Sweet Red Boxed Wine


Franzia Pinot Grigio Boxed Wine

Peter Vella Delicious Blush Boxed Wine


 Sandeman Ruby Port Wine

Boozn Sam's Sangria Kits Directions:

Boozn Sam's drop and go spice bags are simple to use and jammed full with flavors that bring the world to your table.

1. Fill a pint glass 3/4 full with boxed wine (as described above) & add one spice bag

2. Garnish with a topper & let sit for 10 minutes

3. Add ice until the glass is full.

4. Enjoy!

With endless recipe options, you'll find something for everyone. Infuse with sweet red wine to make sangria. Dump in fruit punch or iced tea for a non alcoholic version. Try it with an old fashioned. In cookies or cake. The versatility is endless and right out of the tin!

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